logoUC3Urke Camping is located in the middle of the small village Urke in the heart of the magnificent Sunnmøre Alps. The village is shielded from the northernly winds and holds a charming location on Norangfjorden, a branch of Hjørundfjorden. This region has, for more than a century, been an inspiration for tourists and artists. The village is surrounded by some of the most spectacular mountain peaks of The Sunnmøre Alps and makes a perfect base for mountain hikes and excursions in the summer and in the winter. Since the fjord is so well shielded from winds it’s perfect for fishing, both from and land and from boats which can be rented from many of the local inhabitants of the village. Urke Camping is operated from the local grocery store which is only 100 meters away.


Cabin 3-5 beds 800 nok
Cabin 2 beds 600 nok
Cleaning after departure 300 nok
RV/Camper (electricity included) 300 nok
Small tent (2 persons included) 200 nok
Large tent (2 persons included) 300 nok
Extra guest in tents (after the first 2) 50 nok
  • The cabins does not have running water. But there is shared showers and WCs in the sanitary building.
  • Checkout before 12pm
  • Cabins need to be cleaned thoroughly before checkout. Cleaning can be purchased for 300 NOK
  • Linnen/bedding can be rented for 150 NOK pr set.
  • We have a shared «kitchen-cabin» which can be used by our tent-guests.